Eclectic Bandmembers

Chris Kerba Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Kerba is our leader, co-founder, and the driving force behind Eclectic Revival. Chris holds nothing back when performing, and his acoustic agility and soulful vocals are at the heart of Eclectic Revival’s sound.

When he’s not strumming with Eclectic Revival, he can be found on stage with the Tartan Terrors, or at home in Hamilton under a cat.

Nick Brodie Lead Vocals

Often hilarious, whether he means to be or not, our co-founder Nick is what happens when you let the Inner Child drive the entire human. Soaring vocals and razor-sharp wit make Nick an entertaining and engaging frontman. Nick’s energy (among other things Nick possesses) is infectious. Buckle up, because it’s impossible not to be swept up in the wild ride that is an Eclectic Revival show with Nick in the driver’s seat!

Kevin Buchan Saxophone, Pennywhistle, Vocals

Kevin is a talented multi-instrumentalist who has the distinction of being the only band member to be adept at using both his mouth and his fingers at the same time. Kevin will probably want to tell Jenn what he’d really like this space to say.

Chris Colvin Drums

Having taken a little over 12 years to finally get behind the kit with us, Chris is the victim of the slowest kidnapping in history. To this day, Chris is not entirely sure how he wound up in a band. The last thing he remembers is saying ‘Hello the one in the middle…’ and it was all downhill from there.

Chris should seriously have learned by now not to let this particular web designer write his bios.


Matt Morgan Bass, Vocals

Formerly of I The Mountain, Matt arrived just in time to demonstrate for all that when one door closes, another opens.  His energy, humour and musical voice are an exciting addition, and he fits like the seat was made for him.  Matt’s presence is further proof that if you want to set a trap for lean, ginger, beardy musicians, Kerba is the ideal bait.

Matt also did not submit a bio.